HAO News Update

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Hello yes i’m still alive anyways I have some good news concerning C.G.E. by some dumb luck i was able to purchase vol. 1 raw again so i can get back to work on that. Also right now i’m in the process of  working on something but more updates on that later. In about 3 weeks i will need to go out of state for a few months to help a family member due to them getting back surgery i will be having my pc with but they don’t have net (OH GOD THE HORROR  QUICK SOMEONE KILL ME. 🙂 ) lol sorry i have a sick sense of humor anyways in the past you know me and Guimas where against Online readers even Batoto well i am liking Manga dex. Now some of our series are up their but some of the other are not and that’s to do with there rules of no scans of licensed stuff and i support that rule. Only I will be uploading our future release to Manga Dex that way we will stick to the rules. But for the stuff that’s not there and for the stuff that is I will be redoing the download area with new links for everything. Now I might also make a discord but i will save that for later. I will try to make more post more often I would like to apologize to all of our fan about the lack of stuff and updates on my part


XS ch35 Final Chapter & Exaxxion Update

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Well it took a long time but finally XS vol.5 ch 35 is out and this completes the series YAY ;). Now about CGE the 2 sites i use to order raws from shutdown and the person who was a Raw provider for another group i worked with i lost contact with so i can’t get volume 1 from any of those.Now yes i did check out the ebook stuff but they are low quality and so the only 2 ways i can get are their is a auction on ebay for vols 1-7 60usd for the books and then another 40 usd for S/H which no way i have or the other option is if anyone know someone in japan that can get a copy and mail it to me and i will pay them with paypal anyways the link for XS chapter ch 35 is below and chapter 34 ‘s link is on the post with chapter 33. Also i lost the info to the gmail account for the site and since i can’t contact Guimas i can’t access it i will be making a new email for it soon.

Release download link:

XS Vol.5 ch35 (Final)

XS v5 ch33 O.O OMG it’s a releases

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First I would like to say sorry for the lack of posts in a long while I have been dealing with real life issues and still am.Hopefully I can get back on track with scanlation again. For those that are wondering about the HQ releases of Exaxxion yes I plan to finish that but I need to get money together for a new scanner and I need to re-buy the vol.1 raw book cause when I moved I lost it. Now for the main reason for this post.Finally after the long wait XS will be finished over the next day or two of days the final chapters will be released and I am gonna work on going through the links that died and fixing them.This couldn’t have been done without Necro from Ascension so please visits their channel on IRC and thank them.

New Release Below

XS v5 ch33

XS v5 ch34

P.S. I added ch 34’s link

Personal Update

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Someone asked for a picture of my new cat and I had wanted to post some other pictures for a while, so here they are.

First of is the new cat. She a bit thicker now, because it’s not a recent picture and she was very underfed when I got her from the street. But since she is even less cuddly than my last cat was and doesn’t like to get touched, and even less to get picked up, it’s hard to get a good picture of her. Add to that the fact that it was dark already, so the lighting is not at it’s best (as you will see in the other pictures), I really wasn’t trying to take a fresh one.


Like I wrote before, two days after getting Nele, Germany won the World Cup. To celebrate that I bought myself a 1:1 replica. Obviously there is no real gold in it, but it’s the same hight and has the same weight.


I had bought some other collectibles. Not sure at what number you call it a collection, but still.

Most recently I bought a High Elven Warrior Sword replica from the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. Not sure if they actually appear outside of the Prolog in the first movie for that one scene, but I always found they looked awesome.

It was a pain to get. I couldn’t find it anywhere in Germany, so I looked in the US. Than I emailed back and forth with they guy where I bought it. It wasn’t exactly cheap to begin with, and the shipping was 65 dollars. And then, because there was no shipping info on the outside of the package, I had to go down to customs to get it. Took a long time for them to classify it, and I had to pay some more money. But it’s a real beauty. My crappy Iphone picture doesn’t do the detail on that thing any justice. Absolutely worth the money.


Around the same time I bought myself a replica of Kenshin’s Sakabatō. Not my first Katana actually. Years and years ago I bought a set of crappy stainless steel replicas. A Wakizashi and a Katana. A few years ago I added a replica of O-Ren Ishii Katana actually. Didn’t buy it because of that but because of the style of it, without the handguard thing, whatever it’s called.

That one is actually made like real ones are, with folding the steel. You can supposedly use it for cutting tests which are done on rolled matts or something which equate to body parts. You also have to keep the blade oiled up so it doesn’t rust.

The Sakabatō I got recently is made the same way. They obviously were still really cheap and don’t hold up to a real one, but they are at least above the pressed stainless steel crap.



The last thing I had to get was a replica of a light saber. It’s the one Luke used at first which Anakin (“Fuck immaculate conception, I was Anakin’s dad”) used in his fight with Obi-Wan. The one with the blue blade. Not my favorite, but I got that because you can remove the blade from the hilt. Pretty cool.


The next stuff I wanna get is a green premium lightsaber, Indy’s hat and a 6 shooter.

As for DragonBall. Not sure how known it is but Mofogoku (check out his Db releases if you haven’t alredy) asked me to do a colored chapter. Not sure what his real plans are, because I’m not doing it like he does his releases as far as resolution and spacing goes. Not even sure if has rules about that like I do with my pages, where I want to keep the spacing above, under, left and right to the actual panels very close to the previous page. So I move and try to work the image so that the actual pictures are all centered the same way (obviously I keep one side smaller in “white space” than the other deping on if it’s a left page or a right page. Not sure why, but I do it).

Here I don’t do his style, because I don’t know it, but I’m also not doing my own style, since I do a higher picture size than I do in my own releases. Don’t know if I’m gonna typeset it, which trans or fonts will be used, or if mofo is also doing a release for that chapter. I hope he does, because I can take my sweet time then.

I do it anyways because it gives me the opportunity to do a super saiyajin (I know that’s not the english way to say it, but it’s much cooler souning in my opinion) chapter. It’s Gohans fight against perfect Cell. Some portion of that.

But work has been real slow because I discovered a chain of things.

Fist you have to know that even though I’m german, I don’t want to watch stuff in german. Ever since I was a teen, me and my friends wanted to get to the newest episodes of our favorite shows (like the simpsons) as fast as possible. You have to wait a long time for the german dub to air on televison, so we watched in english.

As time went on you naturally got better in understanding it. Quite strange how easily that happens. If you have a base to start with you don’t even have to stop and look up words or ask people about them. You pick it up from context. Worked for me, and I wasn’t really interested in learning english before than and never had great grades in it.

But once you understand it you see the difference to the german version. In the case of the Simpsons the german dub is still funny on it’s own, but other stuff just isn’t funny in german anymore. There is no going back, the quality is so much better. Since that time I watch movies and Tv-series in english. Animes of course in japanese with english subtitles.

Because of that and the fact that you don’t have that option over your TV, I use my lapstop to stream all of it.

On the great site I use which has switched names a few times, I happened to click on recently uploaded Tv series one day and saw a show called “Red vs Blue”. I checked it out and enjoyed it, so I checked out the RoasterTeeth guys other stuff, which I also enjoyed lots of. First that got me on a little minecraft kick. I new of the game and it didn’t really cause me to go out and really play it, like farm and craft everything manually, but I wanted to build some things.

And then it happened. Gus and Bernie played a game called DayZ which I never heard about. Let me tell you how glad I am that I do now. I love that game. It’s an early alpha, but very awesome. And nervewrecking from time to time. But maybe that’s me because I’m still a bambi when it comes to dealing with other players. I’ve been playing a lot, so if you ever see Feanor on a server, that’s gonna be me. Maybe I even get my own server in the future.

Have a good one you guys (and gals). Sorry this wasn’t a release post though

Dragon Ball v10 ch136 – The Terror of Devil Emperor Piccolo!

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A lot has happened since we last saw each other.

My cat Nami got sick and had to be put down two days before her 4th birthday because of a renal insufficiency that cats seem to have nowadays, and that I didn’t knew about until it was too late.

So of course this is all in her memory.


Other than that I had an odyssey of sickness(es) that lasted for 10 weeks. I was beginning to think it was never gonna go away at all. Still isn’t, but almost. I’m keeping my fingers crossed, but you can imagine how that makes this a bit harder.

Then the world cup started, and as a soccer fan, there are plenty of matches to watch in that. Two days before the final match, my sister called me, because a stray cat had wandered into the yard of her workplace. And since I still had all the stuff from my cat, she wasn’t allowed to keep one at her place and the fact that my work ended sooner than hers, I drove over there with the transport cage. After getting her something for worms and having her checked for a chip at the vet, I took her home. I was planning to get another cat some day, but not this soon.
But what can you do? No tattoo, no chip, no collar and nobody looking for her with posters. Bring her to a shelter?
Plus, two days later germany won this little beauty


Anyways, here is what you came for.

>> Vol.10 Ch.136
Instructions: Put the two parts seperated by the spaces together to form the download link. Either by copy-pasting each individually into the address bar, or by copy-pasting the entire line and then deleting all the dots. When you want to unzip the file, type in budokai

Dragon Ball v10 ch135 – Kuririn’s Death and the Terrifying Conspiracy

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Volume 10 starts. The Piccolo arc part 1. It takes a hell of a lot of time, but my god. This is how a manga chapter is supposed to look coming out presses. Imo.

>> Vol.10 Ch.135
Instructions: Put the two parts seperated by the spaces together to form the download link. Either by copy-pasting each individually into the address bar, or by copy-pasting the entire line and then deleting all the dots. When you want to unzip the file, type in budokai

End of volume 9

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It ends. And then something new starts. Exciting. More exciting if we didn’t already know about the dragonballs, though!!!

>> Dragon Ball vol.09 ch.134+Extras

>> Dragon Ball vol.09

~ Feanor

Dragon Ball v09 ch133 – Both Side’s Final Strategies!!

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Kikōhō, bitches!!!

>> Dragon Ball vol.09 ch.133

Instructions: Put the two parts seperated by the spaces together to form the download link. Either by copy-pasting each individually into the address bar, or by copy-pasting the entire line and then deleting all the dots. When you want to unzip the file, type in budokai. It’s not rocket science

~ Feanor

Dragon Ball v09 ch132 – Tsuru Sennin’s Curse, the Kikōhō!!

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I know it took a long time. Reasons? Get ready! In the time since the last release, I once again had to stay over at my sisters to sit her cats. Although, what means had. It’s not like I couldn’t have said “no”, but we’re talking about my sister here. Then I was sick. Three times. Two of these even overlapped, which was a treat you never want to get. Trust me on that. Also I got into a relationship. And I probably don’t have to tell you how that cuts down your “me-time”, into which scanlation time falls. And lastly, I started a new job. Now I work like 55 hours a week (sometimes more) in two jobs. Do the math and you know how fucked I am, as far as scanlating goes.
Given all those factors, I’m not sure how much point there was to even make this comparison. Since doing this detailed a scanlation takes a long time.

As for the comparisons. Here are the links:

It’s simple really. If your mouse pointer is off the picture, it’s the “before” version, and when you move it over the image you get the “after”. That way you can switch back and fourth between the pictures as fast as you want without it loading. It should be an instant switch. I’ve taken the text out as to not draw the eyes focus to those significant differences. Keep one thing in mind though. This isn’t an either or deal. I just didn’t want to spend more time making some simpler changes to the “before” version. Or edit the release on even more different levels, to have some changes I would want on both version, to appear on both these images. So the before version is pretty much just the raw version. With the panel lines redrawn like I always do it. Except in one picture (I think). That is because I keep the spacing above, below and next to the panels pretty much the same in every chapter/picture. And sometimes you have to move panels around, cut a bit off (where you can afford it). But in that one picture it lined up pretty good, so I made that a true befor/after version.

It’s time consuming going over the picture in that great a detail, but I think it makes the final release look better. That really turn it into the ultimate version of this mange. Because even if viz or other release it online or in a bigger picture size, it will never look this good. All it will do is make the basic version bigger, and not better. So no release will have those smooth and even lines, that this one has. But I’ve always been aware of the fact that readers might not even notice it. Because really, you switch through the pages quickly when reading, and you never have this kind of comparison. So I always wondered if I might be wasting my time doing it this detailed. Or rather, began to make it that detailed. Because I obviously didn’t do it that way, when I released one chapter a week.

Let me hear what you think. You might influence the future of this scanlation

And as always, enjoy the chapter.

>> Dragon Ball vol.09 ch.132

~ Feanor

Dragon Ball v09 ch131 – Tian Jinfan’s Distress!

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Here’s the new chapter. Things are heating up in the fight. Three more chapters until the Tournament and the volume is done. And then we are heading into a new adventure.

Also, there are two new Dragonball scanlation attempts running. One starting from the arbitrarily choosen point when the Buu saga starts, also using the kanzenban raws. It’s an improvement over the crude complete scanlation that is out there, but not as nice as mine. I really don’t have a better way to say it without sounding like a arrogant dick, sorry. Totally readable of course but not much different than the raw.

The other one is the release of the manga done by viz that is fully colored. And beautifully colored I might say. Much better than the full color chapters in the kanzenban version. And the colors are not as dirty with blocks, so it would be not as much work (sigh). Apparently they start releasing the manga on a weekly basis starting when Radditz shows up. Two chapters are done so far, but they will release the whole series and the scanlator plans to release it too. And as the manga comes up he’ll supply me with the raw pages to some of the great panels and pages in the series. I’ll clean those my way and improve on them and release them as artwork along with my releases. It will take some time until more chapters are out before I get some, but I’m looking forward to it.

The other thing is something I found out when I was on this guys site. There were some questions about the release and he posted a link to a site that let’s you compare screenshots. You drag the mouse over one thumbnail and it switches quickliy between raw and scanlation. That was something I wanted to do in the past to give people an insight into how big a change there is between raw and my scanlation. Since the reader only sees the finished page while I can easily hide the layer I’m working on in photshop and switch back and forth. Which is the only good way to compare it. I thought about doing it by making a gif that does just that. But even though I have Photoshop CS5, I couldn’t figure it out. And since that was the only way I knew how to make something that might work I dropped the idea. But with this site that he used, I should be able to do it one of these days.

Anyway, enjoy.

>> Dragon Ball vol.09 ch.131

~ Feanor